Friday, June 26, 2015

Girls Day Rocks!

Today we had a great day out with Gabi and Paula!!  Fun filled girls day!  First stop Mani/pedi!  It was Kerrigan's first ever...she was thrilled that she was finally old enough!!







Chillin watching Frozen...she sang Let It Go to the guy doing her nails!










Next stop for girl's day...Olive Garden!  They even had these new game kiosks at the table that kept everyone entertained!

Final stop of the night....Snickerdoodle kids painting!   Here we made our Daddies a Father's Day gift!!   TONS of fun!!










Awesome evening with amazing friends!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Girls Night out!

Tonight we decided last minute for a girls night out!   Picked Ava up at school, then we headed to town where we met up with Megan. 

We went and saw Santa at his house!   We saw him walking down the street and Ava squealed with delight SANTA!!!    She ran right in his house and told him all about what she wanted!  Kerrigan thought "Ho Ho Ho" was a great idea until she ran in his house with Ava, saw him and ran out!  We were able to bribe her for a picture while he handed her a candy cane ;)    

Then we went to a painting class in Evansville. It was so much fun!   We all painted snowmen!   Kerrigan did her own with a little help from me.  But she did most of it herself.  Even staying in the lines!      They all turned out great!   

Kerrigan has decided that when taking a "selfie" one must stick out their tongue ;). LOL. 

She even got to wear her cute little paint shirt big Sister Megan gave her ;) 

Then supper at Fazolli's!   

Very successful evening!  I am one blessed Momma;)  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Polar Express

Tonight we traveled to the North Pole to see Santa!  It was a fun evening!  Ava had a great time!  Kerrigan was a little nervous about the whole thing but I think she enjoyed most of it:)  Kerrigan did fall asleep right after waving at Santa at the North Pole :)

All ready to board the Choo Choo

All in our jammies!

Writing a letter to Santa
She had things to write to Santa too:)
Playing in the train car!
Ready to go to the North Pole

Pretty excited!

Little Nervous!

Daddy and his girl!

Little Blurry, but all of us non the less:)

Her ticket stamped with an "A"

Her "K" ticket
Watching for Santa

Hot chocolate!!

There's Santa

Ava and the conductor
She is getting sleepy

Just the Girls:)

Ava the conductor

Ava and the elves!


Asleep....THE END