Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun.....

Easter morning Ava woke everyone up to see if the Bunny found us;). It was raining out so the eggs were hidden upstairs! Fun time watching the girls giggle and find eggs. Really fun watching Ava try and eat the ears off the chocolate bunny with no teeth!!! Kerrigan got a cute pink chair! We are Very Blessed!

Pretty girlie!

Sweet sisters!   LOVE THEM!

Wrestling over the eggs:)

Gumming the ear off the bunny :)  She is so cute with no teeth:)

Loving her new chair!

Friday, March 29, 2013

All she wants for Easter is her two top teeth;)

I hear crying from the bathroom tonight and walk in to see Daddy pulling Ava's 2nd top tooth! Of course my initial reaction was to tell Daddy to stop! Then I realize the crying isn't because he is pulling the tooth it's because Daddy has just told her maybe they shouldn't pull it and should wait until it falls out on its own. She is crying because she wants it out NOW. She wants to leave it for the Tooth Fairy tonight! Ha! So they wiggle it and work it and FINALLY get it out! Then she insisted on brushing that one tooth so it was good and clean for the Tooth Fairy! Pretty adorable! I was afraid she would drop the tooth down the drain but it's safe and sound and ready for the Tooth Fairy to come get it!!! She looks super cute with no top teeth!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heading Home.......

Well....we were up early today to head home....all of us up and down through the night sick....and this morning poor Megan has it!!!  She and Keagan are staying a couple more days so hopefully she gets well quickly!  Daddy, Momma and the girls are off  to Illinois!!!    Im posting random pictures of the way home....YES Ava did wear the princess dress again!!!  She wore it like 3 days in a row...SHE LOVES IT!!!

Kerrigan loved the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrell

Helping pack:)

She wants to help too!

Sweet Sissies!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beach Fun.....

Well our time as Disney has ended...what wonderful memories we have made!  Can't wait to do it again!  Feeling so blessed that Keagan and Megan were able to go with us!! 

Today we headed to the condo at Daytona!  MY HAPPY PLACE!!!  I love it here!  The ocean is Heaven on Earth as far as I'm concerned!  

First thing we did was eat at Aunt Catfish...OUR favorite!  We had a little wait to so we all walked the pier and took our traditional pictures!!

 Ava even got to play on the playground!!!


 THEN....we got our our salad bar food...everyone happy....playing content.....the waitress brings the main course and sits it down....and poor Kerrigan starts projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE!!!!  At the table in the middle of the restaurant!  Poor baby....and POOR Ava, Keagan and Megan!!  SIGH!!!  Momma stripped Kerrigan right there and took her to the car....the rest stayed and tried to eat!  Always interesting traveling with little ones:)  

We headed back to the condo and got settled in!  Appears Kerrigan has the stomach bug again....the restaurant incident wasn't a one time thing :(  Daddy stayed in the room with her...and the rest of us headed to the sand!!!  It was beautiful and sunny....what it wasn't was WARM!!!   Ava didn't seem to mind...she got in the ocean anyway!  We hunted sea shells for Grandma Bogard, Ava practiced her splits she has been learning at gymnastics and we even built a sand castle!

Fun time and then we decided to head to the heated pool....and MOMMA got in the hot tub with my book!!  That felt wonderful....until we had to get out in the cold air and RUN to the hotel!! :)

 We headed back to the Daddy could have his turn at the beach!  We got to the room just in time.....for MOMMA to get the stomach flu!  and then Ava got it again too!!!  WHEW!!!  Poor Daddy is stuck on the balcony looking at the ocean while he takes care of us SICKIES!!!   What a good Daddy!

Poor sick girl with her Bubby

 Even though we ended up sick again....we STILL had a WONDERFUL time!  The time we spent that we weren't throwing up was AWESOME!!  Part of being in a family is that you take the good with the bad and love each other anyway :)  We are BLESSED to have each other to LOVE!