Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last Day of Summer Break GIRL'S Day!!

Last day of summer....school starts tomorrow :(  SO Sad this summer is over.  we have had a wonderful summer this year!!!  But to celebrate school starting.....or better yet One last HOORAY before it does....we had Girl's day out today!!!
Momma, Megan, Ava, and Kerrigan!
We started with pedicures!!!   We all LOVED them! So much fun being able to sit next to each other and just talk....while someone else is painting your toes!  TOTAL girl bonding time!!!! 
Ready for their Pedi's



Looks pretty happy!



Kerrigan's turn

AHHHHH so  relaxing!

After our toes all looked amazing we headed to Barnes and Nobles!
The girls love to look at the books and play in the kids area!!


Little stage performance at the bookstore :)

After we shopped for our books and played on the stage we headed to supper!! Olive Garden it is!!!!!  YUMMY!!!!


My 3 beautiful girls!
 Fun FUN day with my girlies!!!  I'm one blessed Momma!  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Water Park Fun!

Today Ava got to choose what we did!  Her choice....WATERPARK!!!  We had a relaxing wonderful time here!!! 

Look at that smile!

At the top of the slide

Smiley girls!

HAHA  All you can see is the top of Ava's head and Kerrigan's feet :)

They made Momma go!

We about drown Kerrigan with our wave LOL!!!



Sliding on a frog tongue

OH MY she is ROTTEN :)

Pretty girl under the fountain

Sweet Sisters


She loved the frog slide..her suit was extra slick and she would go on forever!!



Friday, August 1, 2014

Promised Land Zoo Branson

While we were at the Dixie Stampede the family sitting next to us told us we MUST go to
Promised land zoo!!  Said it was SUPER fun and NOT to be missed!!!  I must say that we were very HAPPY that we listened to them!!!  It is a Hands On Zoo!!  The kids (and adults) can feed and touch everything EXCEPT the Lion, Tiger and Monkeys!!  Ava wanted to know why we can't hand feed the lion.....Well baby we like our fingers :) 
  I must confess I LOVED this place as  much as the children!!!  The one thing ALL the kids have inherited from me is that I love animals!!!  So to get to touch and feed Lemurs, Kangaroo, Imu, prairie dog, deer, zebra, camels...and many more was AMAZING!!
Waiting on Daddy to get our tickets!!!

Watching the lemur wrestling!

Feeding the Llamas

This little guy had a Mohawk!  We thought he was adorable!

The Goats 


Ava really wanted to pet this baby cow!

The goat was attempting to bully Kerrigan into giving him some food!


Going through Africa...not sure all the animal names,
but it sure was fun!!

They were going to feed this thing, but it was chewing something green and slimey that was dripping from its mouth  both girls say EEEWWW!!!  LOL

The Deer
The deer were in with pigs and miniature ponies.  The miniature ponies were "big bullies" per Ava
They tried to get all the food and the girls had to get creative to feed the deer and pigs before the ponies came and took it!!  




Kerrigan is pointing her little finger at this pony...
she was telling it that the deer wanted food!!! 




Ready for the show by
Buckaroo Brice

Ava and Orange Julius

Momma,  Kerrigan and Orange Julius

Ava and Padmae the prairie dog!! 


Both girls petting Padmae the prairie dog!

Our favorite the Lemur!

Here the Lemur is attempting to steal Kerrigan's paci!!

He is saying "I will get that paci"

He held Ava's hand!

Kerrigan decided on another look, after she gave me the paci to put away!!
She wasn't letting some Lemur take her PACI!!


Looking at the armaillo

Ava and the Armadillo

This critter likes night time and therefore was trying to crawl in the zoo keepers shirt so that it would be dark!!  We did get his tail to wrap around our fingers like it would a branch!  VERY COOL!!

Baby Kangaroo in a purse

Petting the Kangaroo


This zoo had scriptures everywhere which was very neat! 
Ava wanted her picture taken with this sign!! LOL


 Parakeet house
They gave us a stick that had peanut butter and bird seed on it
the we tried to entice the birds to get on our stick and eat it:)
Fun times!


Back to the Imu...finally talked Daddy in to feeding them :)

Kerrigan is telling him how its done


Again with the Llama.....

The deer still seemed hungry so we fed them again!!

Kerrigan feeding a pig



Ava and the Bully Horse


Couldn't leave without saying good-bye to the Kangaroo

Last but no least the CAMELS!!