Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween New Camper Fun!!

A few weeks ago our old camper had water damage from a huge rain.....well thanks to having insurance, this week we were able to purchase a new camper!!!  We LOVE it!!!  Bunks for the girls, booth table big enough for all of us, big screen TV, ETC, ETC!!!  We picked it up Monday but today is the first day we have been able to enjoy it!  We spent Halloween evening in the camper watching Casper on the TV and playing card games!!!  Very fun relaxing evening!

Trying out the bunk beds:)

Fun times!!!  Can't wait to take our first trip in it!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

School Fall Party...Blessed to be a Room Mom :)

Today I got to be one of the "Room Moms" for the 1st grade fall party!!!  Fun times!  We had snacks and crafts and I made a spooky feel box...The kids loved it!!! They had to stick their hands in the box and inside were slimy noodles, grapes and broccoli to feel and try to guess what was inside.  Their faces were priceless!!!  What a fun time!  Blessed to be able to do this!!!

Kerrigan sitting with the big girls!

They love each other so much!  Ava was so proud to show her off!!

Her apple teeth craft :) 

feeling inside the box :)

Love the looks on their faces!!

Wonderful Party with Friends!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Festival Evening with Friends!

Tonight we went to Princeton to a Fall Festival/Halloween celebration with Paula and Gabi!  The girls all dressed up and we got to play games and trick or treat, got to see a fire truck and police car!  We got balloon animals and won a cupcake:)

We ate dinner at the Mexican restaurant in town...YUMMY!!

Somehow there was a splash party in the bathroom while they were
in there alone.....I think they look innocent :)

This little angel got mad kicked off her shoe and hit the
people at the table next to us :)

Such a fun evening!!!  Never a dull moment with these 3 little Asian Blessings!!!  Loving every minute of it:)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Fun Night..Baby Bottle Party for Kerrigan's Orphange!

Tonight Grandma, Grandpa, Keagan and Megan all came over for dinner!!   Momma and the little girls made an ice cream cake....AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!

She tasted the cool whip as she put it on....
just to make sure it was safe for everyone else:)

They both were worried about our safety...
so they taste tested the cool whip:)

Yes it really is that good:)

 Grandma and Grandpa brought Bobe's pizza :) YUMMY!!

She's Grandma's Girl:)

Kerrigan and Grandma approve of the cake:)

Burning off some sugar pushing the train!
This train we bought for Dayne when we came
home from the hospital after we had Keagan!!

She Loves to push Ava on the train!! Silly girl!

Kerrigan's turn to be pushed :)

After dinner Grandma and Grandpa had brought their change jar and  we all filled baby bottles for the orphange Kerrigan was from!!!

Love their Girls!!

Loved helping her friends and Aunties!!

Of course...what would a family fun night be without wrestle mania!

Tonight we even had dance party!  Ava sang to Taylor Swift's "22" Keagan and the girls danced....We even got Grandma to dance!!  Good thing we don't have neighbors too close...we are very loud!!! LOL!!

A1C Bogard visits 1st grade :)

Today Keagan surprised Ava's class with a visit as AIC Keagan Bogard....uniform and all!  Ava was thrilled and the others seemed very excited to get to talk to a real live soldier too.  They had awesome questions and Keagan did a great job answering them on a 6 year old level:)  Very proud of him!!

Her face when she saw her Bubby was here to talk....priceless!

Handsome young Airman in the front:)

Sisterly love!

Listening carefully to what Keagan is saying....while playing on Megan's Iphone!!

The Whole Class with Their Airman!