Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Camping FUN!!!!

This week was spring break!  Perfect opportunity to take the new camper out for the first time!!  The weather was a little cold, but we had a great time anyway!!!  Sitting by the camp fire....blowing bubbles....playing hill billy golf....playground fun...and walking to watch the geese on the lake!!!   We walked over a wooden bridge that  Ava wasn't completely sure there wasn't a grumpy old troll under :)  LOL   We snuggled in the warm camper and watched movies, played UNO....and ate WAYYYYY too much food :)  wonderful week and can't wait to do it again!!!!!















Looking for the Grumpy Old Troll :)
Sweet Baby Girls!!

Ava got a boo boo soooo Kerrigan needed a bandaid on each finger! :)

First bath in the camper tub:)

Night time snuggles!





Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ava is March Student of the MONTH!!

Ava was selected first grade Student of the MONTH!!!  WOOHOO!!  Our girl is sooooo smart!!!  Couldn't be prouder!  We celebrated with ice cream sundaes and a movie...The Incredibles!









Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Antics!!!

Today started not so fun....Ava had oral surgery.  Stressful for her and Mom and Dad!!!!   But we all survived!  After a trip to Target's toy department Ava was finally able to smile;).    She wanted Chinese Buffet for lunch....I said Sweetie they said for you to only eat cold things today because of the surgery!  She say "COLD things are you CRAZY....I'm HUNGRY!!!"   LOL.   Sooooo we went to the China Buffett where she was able to eat what she wanted and did great!!!!  Can't let a little thing like surgery stand between a Bogard and food;).

Tonight Megan came over.... And Keagan surprised her by coming home a day early ;). It was a great evening we ate supper together, watched Barbie and the Pearl Princess, and of course WRESTLE mania!!!!!   Fun evening.   We are so blessed that our children like to spend time with us...because its our favorite thing in the whole World!!  We are BLESSED  beyond measure!!  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally feels like SPRING!!!!

Today was the first day it has been warm enough to play outside in FOREVER!!!!   It felt like spring, we took full advantage and were outside ALL day!!!!  Trampoline, play house, swings, side walk chalk, sand box... and playing with the  KITTIES!!!!   We even walked down to the creek and threw rocks off the bridge....NO pictures of that.... it took both Momma's hands to keep Kerrigan from jumpin off LOL!!  It is so fun watching the girls throw rocks off, because the boys always LOVED doing this from the time they were little bitty!!! 

Trampoline Princess!
Flip Flops ROCK!!


Peek a BOO!!


Hopscotch on the Porch!!!




The Kitties are glad its warm...THEY have missed their girls!!!

Lola found a comfy place to rest:)  LOL!!!!



Daddy teaching Ava to play basketball!!!!
Ava made her first EVER basket today!!  She was SOOOOOO proud!!!  OK Mom and Dad were too!!

Wonderful day full of renewal!!!  We love to be outside!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Shower take 2!!!!

Today Aunt Kimmie and Nana had a shower for Megan!  Great fun!








Megan let the little girls help with the big one :) 


Grandma, Aunt Sue and Aunt Sherry...with Kerrigan!



Sweet Sisters!!  We are BLESSED!