Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making Memories!!

Tonight was Girls Night...making memories and some YUMMY food too! 
All my girls were here..Megan, Ava and Kerrigan!
We made 3 kids of jelly!  Strawberry, Cherry, and Grape!  We also made a double batch of salsa! 
We made a huge mess, got VERY sticky and had TONS of FUN!!! 
LOVE my girls!
The ingredients are ready!

Everyone involved in stirring!! 

Stirring the Cherry Jelly...after we all cut out the pits!
YES we had red fingers after that!! :)

Stirring the Sure Gel!


Showing off out loot!!  WE DID GOOD!!!
Too tired to wait for it all to be done! 
What a fun evening!  After Megan left and Kerrigan was asleep.  Ava and I went outside and found lightening bugs!  So fun...she was so excited I could catch a fire fly! :) 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today was Father's Day and since we just got home from Daytona last night, we had a very relaxing play in the pool day!!  FUN time with the BEST Daddy on the PLANET!!