Monday, August 26, 2013

Lunch at LAMBERT's!! Home of the Throwed Roll!! Yummy!

One benefit of driving home instead of flying...we drive right through Sikeston MO.  Can't driving throught there without stopping for lunch at Lambert's!  The girls love that they throw the rolls at you...well so do Mom and Dad!!  We all ate WAYYYY too much!!!!  FUN times!

The girls didn't know you put money in these things and they will move
'UNTIL Aunt Kimmie put a coin in one at the mall at the base for them!
NOW they are addicted:)  LOL!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday fun...riverboat rides and eating;) and eating!!!!

Saturday we are FREE we can do whatever we want!  Ava chose....RIDE the boats...and we heard this multiple times before finding the boat to ride:)  It was alot of fun..Kerrigan learned to say  "duck" because she and Ava were yelling Duck, Duck, Duck through the whole ride:)  FUN!!!  
Finally getting her boat ride:)

aren't they cute!!!

Keagan and John....aren't they cute!

The gang

She really loved the boat ride!

The Keagan chose Joe's Crab Shack for lunch....YUMMY!

Kerrigan Loves her Uncle John

View from the restaurant!

Watch out Ava SHARK!!

After lunch Dad, Keagan and Megan headed for the Alamo...Momma took the girls back to the hotel to cool off in the pool!

Keagan and Megan at the Alamo

For Supper Keagan picked Rainforest cafe....he bought the girls each a new stuffed animal...this is the place Tiger Tiger Roar came from so Ava was pretty excited!

All of us!



What an amazing weekend!  Tomorrow we all have to head home!  Megan has to be at the airport at 4, Tegelers fly out about 9ish and we of course don't fly... unless there is no other option so we start our drive home,   Keag isn't released until Monday morning....about 2 am so tomorrow a nice family has "adopted" him for the day so he doesn't have to spend the day by himself.   He will probably beat us home on Monday!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Riverfront fun! Finally free of the base

After the graduation festivities...Keagan was finally allowed to leave base!!  First time off base in 8 1/2 weeks.  I think he was nervous going out the gates! LOL!!  We all went the River Walk and ate at
 Hard Rock Cafe then strolled along the River Walk to our hotel, where we all had a much needed rest!  We ordered in Pizza (Keagan's request) for supper.  John,  Renae and Kyleigh got in town this afternoon so we got to visit them as well!  Such a relaxing afternoon!  Keagan had to be back in the dorms by 8 so Tim and John took him back!!

Hotel visiting!

Aren't they cute!

Dorm tour

After graduation we were treated to a dorm tour!  We got to see where and HOW Keagan has been living the last 8 1/2 weeks!  It was pretty neat!  We were all impressed with his locker and bed!! WOWSA he never kept his room looking like that at home:)  VERY impressive indeed!!!

Plaque at the entrance

Keagan and his TI's

Showing Patrick his locker!!

Megan is thinking...NOW I know he can do this at home:)

His drawer!  Those are  folded socks!!! 


His immaculate bed!

His shoes...he said they always had to be in this order:)

Keagan's Flight got Beast the guys got to paint this in the dorm:)

The lounge area

The Patio...this is where they would get to call...see all those pay phones!

Outside of dorms

Outside the dorms

The End!

Graduation ceremony

Airforce graduation was AMAZING!!!  Oh my goodness watching approximately 400 Airmen in their dress blues march in perfect formation would give anyone chills.....ADD the fact that ONE of those Airmen is OUR Son....then you have chills and TEARS of Pride and Joy!  Wonderful day indeed:)

Ready to watch Keagan graduate!

Just the girls:)

Tall young man at the end is OURS!

Proud Momma and her Airman

Big Daddy and  The Airman

The WHOLE gang:)

What a good Big Bubby Airman!

Not sure how this picture happened....BUT its CUTE!

Sweet Escorting!

Megan and Her Airman!