Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shopping day with my blessings.....

Today was a fun day!  Girls and I met Keagan  and Megan and went to Evansville shopping!  We did a little wedding supply shopping!  I have to admit that's FUN!!!!   I always enjoy hobby lobby and michals so that was a treat!   We went to the mall!!!   Ava's first trip to Justice;). She loved it!    Then on to Children's place and got Kerrigan a few things!   One thing I didn't do was get me ANYTHING!!!!  Haha!!!   Kids all rode the carousel and giggled the whole time!   Keag and Megan even surprised me with their purchase of the day!!!  BOY they are fast at these wedding plans!!!!   Finished the evening with dinner at Cheddars!  Yummy!!!!   Wonderfully blessed day!!!!!  Thanks for including us in the wedding planning!!!!  It's so much fun!!!!



Kerrigan's grinning big too:)

Everyone is having a great time!!!

Sleepy girl on way home!

Wore them both out!!  CUTE baby!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day fun!

Memorial Day fun!!!  We cooked out with friends and family!!  Darren, Paula and Gabi came.  So did Trentin,  Megan, Keagan and Megan's brother Dillon. It was wonderful to meet him.  Everyone that was brave enough to get in the cold water....swam :)    Great day!


Keagan ready to flip into the pool!


Dillon and Megan

Dillon, Megan and Keagan

Sweet girl rocking the bikini with the swim diaper:)

Love this baby girl!

Trentin and Ava

First time in!!

Daddy and baby girl!




Ava LuLu

Gabi Girl!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camping Fun!!

We LOVE to camp and this week we got to go to Harmonie State Park!  We hadn't ever been there...its very nice!  We had a great time!  Kerrigan makes it pretty interesting!!  Keeping her out of the fire...out of the road :) She is our WILD child!! :)  We were very close to the playground so the girls enjoyed that!  Kerrigan even liked the BIG curly slide!  Ava took her down the first time and then she did it by herself!!  Keagan and Megan came up on Thursday evening to eat with us...we made our foil burgers, potatoes and mushrooms YUMMY!!

She loves baby dolls:)

Daddy and the GIRLS!


Toothless grin cuteness!


Sweet Sisters!

Hillbilly Golf!!


Perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Graduate!!

Where has the year gone!!  Ava's last day of Kindergarten was today!  We had awards day...Ava got tons of awards!  She got awards for Book it, Honor Roll ALL 4 quarters, Math, Art,  Reading and Hand writing!!   She was so cute and excited each and every time her name was called to come get another award!!!  What a great year this has been!  She has learned to READ!!  She can write proficiently...she is growing up too fast!!!  Thanks for a great year Mrs Alka and Mrs Hopper!!

The awards ceremony!

Too much cuteness!

Kindergarten Class of 2013

Mrs Alka and Mrs Hopper with Ava!

Kerrigan loves Kindergarten!

Proud of her achievements!