Monday, July 29, 2013

Daytona Beach 2013

We LOVE every aspect of the Daytona Beach time!!!!  So relaxing...we did a lot of NOTHING :)  PERFECT!!!   We laid around the condo...we watched movies (we found RedBOX!  We had never done that before) We cooked in almost every night!  We ate seafood until we were absolutely SICK!!!  So YUMMY!!!!   We slept as late as Kerrigan would allow and then make our way to the beach...then the pool...then the hot tub....then back to the room for lunch and start it all over again :)  ROUGH week!!!  Most relaxing vacation ever!!!!

                                               Hanging in the condo!!!!!

                             Girls gave each other shimmer tattooes!!!  


Souvenir shopping and dancing with the mannequin:) 

                                                            Kite flying fun!!!!

                                                          Beach fun!!!

Cute sisterly love!

sandcastle time!

Chasing the sea gulls

They LOVED chasing the birds!!

Making Momma dig:)

Just us girls!
Burying Ava in the sand!!

Fun times!

Sitting in a hole!

Cutie Patootie!

They loved swimming in the calm area between the sand bar and beach!

Pretty girl!

washing out the tie dye shirts we made:)
Kerrigan made a shirt too:)

     Keagan is at Basic Training so we made him a sand sign and sent him pictures of it!!! FUN!

                                                          Aunt Catfish!!!

                                                         MORE BEACH FUN!!!!!

Fishing Pier fun!!!