Monday, January 20, 2014

Meeting Lucy Elizabeth

Today we drove to Effingham to see our new niece Lucy Elizabeth.  She is a week old today!!  She is so sweet!  The girls couldn't believe how tiny she was sweet to watch their faces while holding her! 
Joseph telling the girls all about his sister!

Aunt Sis got the first snuggle:)

Ava did  a great job!!!  She thinks its cool she is a big cousin!

Kerrigan thought she was BIG stuff getting a turn holding her:)  CUTE!

We finally let Uncle Tim have a turn!



Wonderful afternoon

Kerrigan brought all the kitchen toys to Lucy so she could play too!!

We are very blessed to have family in our lives!!!  Its wonderful to welcome a new niece and cousin into the world!!!  So much fun!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Club Tabby Party!!!

 Tonight was the big Club Tabby party for Ava's birthday!  She had 7 friends go with her....they got makeovers, manicures, and their hair styled!  They got to model and put on a runway show!!  It was so much fun...Ava felt very special that all her friends came to celebrate with her!!!



Entertaining herself by shopping while we are here:)




Kerrigan and Grandma

OH MY fake eyelashes!!! 

Princess Avery!

Rockstar Ava

Ava and Chloe

Ava, Kerrigan and Chloe

Dress up:)

Ava, Avery and Chloe

Dancing on stage!


Ava and Kenadie







Chloe, Kenadie, Ava, Avery, Gabi, Karly and Kerrigan



ready for the style show



Ava and Kerrigan

Kerrigan is posing

Ava and Kerrigan












All the little divas!

She is having the time of her life!



Eating cupcakes:)
Eating her cupcake in style!


Gift opening took place with all the girls in bean bag chairs and Ava on the stage :)



The Royal Princess  Ava opening her gifts!
Modeling out in the mall!









Silly Faces:)
Everyone getting a picture with Ava's name!!!!

 Musical Bean Bag Chairs


Microphone time!! 







Momma and Kerrigan

Megan and Grandma
Ava writing her name on the Birthday wall of FAME


What a fun birthday week the girls have had...THANKS to everyone that helped us celebrate and made their week amazing!!!