Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Celebration with the Peaches!

Today we had our annual Christmas Celebration with Darren , Paula, Dalton, Daxton and Gabi!  A great time as always!  We had our traditional finger food assortment and of course the CHOCOLATE fountain!!    We all ate wayyyyy to much!   The big girls played outside in the snow, guys watched football and us Momma's played on the Iphones....Paula just got hers so I was giving her a few tips!!!  FUN FUN day!  So blessed to have such great friends....sometimes family isn't actually related to you:

Gabi and Ava exchanging gifts!!  

Kerrigan was right in the middle of it all!!

My 3 favorite little Asians!
What a blessing they are to all of us!

Keagan making a huge mess feeding Kerrigan
from the Chocolate fountain

Time for food!!  


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blizzard Blessings Day 2.......

Blizzard day 2.....Daddy and Keagan made it home today!  Not up the drive in the vehicles but they walked...our drive is always impossible to get up if it snows!  

Keagan helped Ava build a snowman and they set up all the geese decoys and pretended to hunt in the goose blind Keagan got for Christmas!  

Keagan and Ava in the blind

They  are surrounded!

Loves her snowman

Everyone getting in the action! Ava and  Kerrigan loved it!!

Kerrigan has decided she is an extension of Momma!  She can't separate from my hip!  It's super sweet and a great bonding sign....the house might get cleaned up when she starts Kindergarten! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


December 26.....awoke to a blizzard!  It's beautiful!  Ava wanted to go outside before 730 in the morning;).  We got at least 13 inches of snow with drifts that are huge!    Soooo pretty!  It's just us girls today!  Daddy is stuck at work!  Keagan stuck at Megan's by St Louis and Dayne back at college!  Momma had to go feed Simba the cow in the snow;/ we didn't loose power though so we are just hanging out in the house staying warm and enjoying the day!  

Simba in the snow

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning Magic!

Christmas day!  What wonderful morning!  All the kids were home even Megan came!  The house looked a lot like a tornado hit it SUCCESS!  Santa Claus came!  He ate all his cookies and chocolate milk!  The reindeer ate all the carrots! Santa even wrote Ava a letter thanked
her for the snack!!

looking at the damage Santa did on the cookies and milk 

  Ava was OVER the moon excited Santa had remembered the Baby Butterscotch pony she asked for!!!!  What a magical morning watching her this year!! 

Just seeing that Santa had really came!!  Magic!

she got her Butterscotch pony:)

And the Teddy Bear she asked for:)


 Kerrigan was excited all morning because everyone was together.  She just went from person to person....she really didn't care about the gifts she got....she did however want to try out anything Ava got...Pesty little sister!  Kerrigan got a Dora guitar, and some little people princesses!  

sisters playing in the ball pit
We were suppose to go to Nana's in the afternoon but Brody has a touch of stomach flu and we decided to stay home and not get that for Christmas!  We all were lazy all day and didn't even get out of our Jammie's! 

Today  we are under a Blizzard warning!  Nothing yet though!