Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This Weeks BLESSINGS!!

This week is the FIRST week of SUMMER break!!  We are enjoying spending the time together!! 
Monday was Memorial Day...Dayne was home and Megan came over for lunch!  Girls played in the hose...since we haven't quit gotten the pool going yet!   They played with the pirate ship....which was the boys when they were little!  Also the little tykes slide that Dayne got on his first birthday!  Its so fun watching them play with their brothers old toys....brings back memories of when the boys were this little!!!  FUN times!!
Memorial Day Cutie at Grandma's
She is coming to spit cold water on Momma!!!  YIKES!

Coming to spit cold water on Momma TOO!!!

Riding her battery operated 4 wheeler with her SELF made happy meal box helmet :)

Tuesday we got our hair DID at Amy's..then off to get supplies for the pool!  Lunch was a super FUN picnic at Red Hill State Park! 




When we got home Trentin came over for the afternoon....LET the FUN begin!  They have so much fun together!  Today they even used the hose to help me clean the tables on the porch....EVERYTHING and EVERYONE got wet BUT we ALL had fun!!!  :)

Wednesday was a play outside ALL day kinda day!!!  Their absolute favorite thing to do is ride the 4 wheeler......ALLLLLLL day!!!  We ride around and around the yard at about 3 mph  They absolutely love it...and so does MOMMA!!  Quality time with my girlie is awesome!   We also weeded the garden, played in the hose..and mud!   Such a good day!

Favorite activity

  I put them right to sleep!!



We made bubble picture!!! Pretty fun an messy!


finished product!

By the looks of the blue mouth I think someone was
drinking the water instead of just blowing in it!!

Our evening 4 wheeler ride was full of surprises!!!

Look what we FOUND!

Baby Raccoons!








Sitting in the chair watching the baby raccoons!

Found a 4 leaf clover!!



We found honeysuckle!!

 What a fun day!!  Finished up the evening with watching Tangled and eating ice cream sundaes:)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures in St Louis!!

Today we made a trip to St Louis to spend the day with Dayno!!  First stop...The ZOO!! We love the St Louis zoo!   Our favorite part is always the Penguins (where Dayne proposed to Steph)...but they are redoing them so they were closed!!  BOO!   BUT that gave us the opportunity to find NEW favorites!!!  We  LOVED the Elephants (there was a tiny baby), the gorillas (They were so amazing, soooo strong and massive!),  Sea Lions were very COOL Kerrigan squealed every time one swam  by the window!  The butterfly house was TONS of fun with our butterfly maps!!  ...AND the GIRLS PROCLAIMED favorite...PRAIRIE DOGS!!! 
Butterfly House Fun

Using their map to find the perfect butterfly

She is studying hard:)

Where oh where are they!


They look a lot alike

They Loved climbing on the insect

Momma and her beautiful little Blessings!!

If you look close you can see the tiny baby

Sea Lions




God sure did give us great looking kids!








There were baby Prairie Pups!

After a FUN filled day at the Zoo we met Steph at the Spaghetti Factory for supper!!
LOTS of YUMMY food and a great time visiting with our kids:) 
LOVED EVERY minute of the day!!