Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring is in the Air!!!

What a beautiful week, its finally feeling like SPRING!!!  Most of our time is outside...4 wheelers, trampoline, sand playing, swinging...!!  Kerrigan and Ava love to dig worms!  Kerrigan holds the worms and says "cool"  LOL!!  Fun times!  YES there are now daily...sometimes twice a day baths!

Planting our seeds!

They LOVE each other!


Having Trentin over is one of their favorite activities!!!!  


Looking for worms..

Found one!!

See my worms!

She LOVES worms!!!

Silly Girls!!

What a great start to SPRING!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trip to the Zoo with Friends!

Today we took a trip to Mesker Park Zoo with some friends that Momma works with!  So much fun and SOOO many little blessings to take with us!!!  We took 6 toddlers, a 6 month old and a new born :)  CRAAAZZZYY FUN!

Back row...Cooper and Gavin
Middle...Isabelle, Clara, Kerrigan
Front and Center..Miss Josie!

Isabelle and Kerrigan


LOOK at the Monkey Momma:)

Showing Isabelle the monkey!

Kerrigan and Isabelle

Kerrigan and Isabelle

Too cute!

Kerrigan and Isabelle showing Cooper what's up!

Come On GUYS!

Kerrigan and Cooper

Clara, Gavin and Kerrigan with the Grumpy Leopard!

Clara, Gavin and Kerrigan

Josie and Collin

Gavin and Kerrigan

Kerrigan, Josie, Gavin and Clara(whose reading the map)

Crazy man Cooper!

All the little monkeys in a cage! :)

The Leopard thought he might have a little Taiwanese Snack!!!
Glad there is thick glass there!!

Cooper the CUTIE!!

Kerrigan and Gavin

Kerrigan and Cooper

Miss Josie seeing what Cooper and Kerrigan are doing!

My sweet baby!

All our GANG!

Clara, Kerrigan and Jerry the Giraffe!
Kerrigan and Isabelle
Kerrigan and Isabelle
Getting ready for a group shot :)

Kerrigan and Clara

Isabelle and Cooper

Leslie and Gavin



Kerrigan and Gavin 

Kerrigan showing Gavin the Lemurs!

Looking at the Lemurs

She LOVED the snakes!

SNAKES again!!! 

Kerrigan and Cooper

Gavin and Kerrigan

Kerrigan and Cooper

These two could get in trouble together!

Kerrigan and Gavin

She LOVES the reptiles

Josie looking at the turtles

TURTLES Momma :)

She was so excited by all the animals!!





Gavin and Isabelle

Kerrigan, Cooper and Clara

Cooper and Kerrigan getting muddy :)

Muddy Cooper:)  


Kerrigan and Gavin

Clara and Kerrigan

Looking at the goats!

Dande, Collin and Clara

Playing in the water!

LOVE these expressions!

They are so cute together!!!

OOPS  Cooper fell in!! LOL!

Gavin and Kerrigan chasing the peacock!

After the zoo we went to McDonald's for lunch and played in the playland!!  I think all the kids took EXTRA good naps today!!!  What a wonderful day!!