Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garden fun!

Tonight Keag and Megan came for supper and helped us finish the garden. We started with only planting tomatoes and ended up planting strawberries, carrots, peppers and cucumbers as well as the tomatoes. We shall see how it turns out but it was fun getting dirty and planting together!!!

And the best part of the evening was when the cat was hunting something in the weeds....totally involved and in predator mode.....Keagan snuck up behind her and grabbed her back.....the cat didn't move forward, backward, or sideways.....but STRAIGHT up about 6 feet in the air!! She even turned when she did it....looked like a MATRIX cat!!!  We all laughed until we were crying!!!  FUN TIMES!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blessed with a thoughtful girl!

Today we made a cake..Ava made it and decorated it...then she put candles on it and she and Kerrigan hid and yelled surprise to Daddy and made him blow out the candles! No its not his birthday she just wanted to surprise him. Sweet girl!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girlie fun!!!

Today the girlies and I watched Rescuers... Then made cookies...snicker doodles to be exact! Yummy!!! Anything that makes the girls giggle that much is a GREAT day! We had an awesome time! And daddy was very happy to have warm cookies when he got up!

Then a fun time in the hot tub girls playing Barbies and Momma reading a good book!

After Kerrigan went to bed...momma and Ava did facials. We lite the candles and had the noise machine set on Ocean waves! Wonderful!

Snuggling in the bed....Mommas plan was to finish my book....instead Ava and Momma ended up make shadow animals with the light I was using to read the book...spontaneous FUN!!!! With lots of snuggles and giggles.

Have I mentioned how blessed I am to be their Momma!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Girls day blessings......

Today we had girls day! Momma, Ava, Kerrigan and Megan! For a Momma that went through years of thinking infertility would never give me the opportunity to be a Momma...I'm still in awe of the blessings I have and enjoy every second we get to spend together!!!

We started with Ava getting a hair cut at Aunt Camy's (Amy's). When Ava was little she called her Aunt Camy....she doesn't anymore but I like it;) Ava left looking like a princess....of course!!!

We took about 3" off and added bangs again!!  LOOKS GREAT!!

She was enjoying this so much...she almost went to sleep :)
Kerrigan "helping" at the beauty shop

Princess Ava

Then we ventured to Princeton...first stop Rural King to look at the baby chicks. Then off to find some flowers to plant! We got our flowers and a slushy from Sonic! Then headed home to plant them!

So much fun gettin dirty and planting flowers! WE love Spring!

Our little helper escaping with the flowers!
Big Helper!

Kerrigan would take the flowers to Sissy

The Kitties were trying to help

Good job girls!!

Finished the evening with Keagan and trampoline jumping!!

Wonderfully Blessed day!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

14 blessings.......

It all started back on April 14, 1968.....My parents got married this day....AND my husband was born on April 14, 1968 !!!   So before I was even dreamed about yet.....the stars had started aligning to bring us together!

Many good things happen on April 14....Mom, Dad and Jen were baptized on April 14 a few years back
Dayne took his first communion on April 14.......AND today Ben took his first communion on April 14.

April 14 is very popular.....but 14 comes up A LOT in our family!
Tim's birthday April 14
Dayne's birthday November 14
Ava's birthday January 14
Ava's Gotcha day October 14
Kerrigan became a US citizen Sept 14

Its just kinda cool how 14 pops up everywhere!  If I played the Lottery I would play number 14.

So today our blessed April 14....we went to church and watched Ben do his first communion.  He looked so

Then we went home and had cake and ice cream for Tim's birthday bash!!

Then to Mom and Dad's for Ben's party!  The girls had a great time.  Ava played with her cousins and dug for mussels in the lake!  I always said if I had a girl she would dress like a princess while playing in the mud.....WELL that's what I got...Ava was dressed in her skirt and out digging through the mud in the lake for MUSSELS!!!  LOL!!  Wonderfully blessed day!

Grandma and Grandpa Bogard came too:)  FUN!

Cousin fun!

Ava and Ben

Ben opening his gifts!
Maddi and Kerrigan

Wild FUN!  Keagan and Megan joined in!!

Keagan and Ben having Wrestle mania!

Sweet sisters!

My Nanny...LOVE HER!

Ava and Nanny Great!

Kerrigan doesn't wanna hold still for the pic!!  :)

Nanny Great and the Girls!

Watching Nana's Goldfish

Brody is fishing for the Gold fish I believe:)

Playing in the water....it really wasn't that warm :) But they didn't seem to mind....
Keagan and Megan helping Kerrigan Swim

Digging for Mussels!

Keagan, Ava, Brody and Kerrigan


They think they were baby sitting :)

Sweet Big cousin!