Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sleepover fun!

Ava had Gabi over for a sleepover on Saturday!  They have been best friends since Ava landed on US soil almost 6 years ago! 

They fight and love each other like only sisters could;) 

Tim said the evening was full of giggles, dress up, giggles, tea party, giggles, My Little Pony and more giggles!;).

What sweet little blessings they are! 

          Tent camping in the living room

      Eating breakfast in princess dresses 

         They even let Lil' Sis play! 

                All ready for Church

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Fun reveal;)

Thursdays here are family fun day!  We are all home and Keagan and Megan try to come out.  Tonight we had our first Bon Fire of the season!   Lovely weather for it!  Girls played on the swings,  slide and trampoline.  We found a litter of kitties under the slide of the play castle...ahhhh country living....Never know what your gonna find next!  Tonight was also the night we got to find out if we were getting a new niece or nephew!! Kim and Maddy made a card and mailed it.  Kim had Sherry bake cupcakes with  colored centers and we got to all find out together!  We have 4 kiddos and this was our first gender reveal party!  I have to admit it was fun!  Hopefully many more gender reveal parties in our future....grandkids and nieces and nephews that is;)   Family is such a blessing...we are blessed beyond measure!

We found kitties!  LOVE country living!

Love that toothless grin!!

Momma and her Girls!

Baby reveal.....

Making S'mores!!

Did I forget to mention I can't tell whether I'm getting a niece or nephew;). Sorry!!!  Hee Hee!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lunch with my girl!

Today Ava invited me to have lunch with her at school!  It was so cute. She was smiling as big as could be while showing me off to her friends and telling me how the lunch line get a fork and then a napkin..and so on;). So cute!  If only they would always be that glad to see their Momma!  They grow up way to fast!!